Stephanie Wright – Art4Life

Stephanie was born in Utah and moved to South Carolina in 1990 making it home. She has overcome many challenges to become the artist she is now. Stephanie survived a traumatic childhood by focusing on God who led her to art as way to heal. She is passionate about art because, beyond enriching her life, it has saved her life.

Stephanie pursued art courses in college and has been a lifetime learner. She is grateful to have studied under a long term mentor Ginger Brown.  Stephanie’s curiosity and experimentation have given her a broad range of mediums to create custom artwork. Her favorite medium is oil when she is working small. She has a big imagination and  enjoys working large and specializes in murals.   For the last 20 years she has painted locally in her studio and traveled in the US to work on location, painting murals. She has successfully completed over 30 murals for business, homes, and a children’s museum.

In addition she has illustrated a children’s book. Stephanie used historical reference photos to create paintings of the town of Blackwell Oklahoma for business lobby.

Her love of art and belief that every person can use art as a way to grow has led her to form ART4LIFE. She  enables  groups to use art for a better life.

She believes art is a path to an enriched life and advocates its use by everyone.

 Four ways of Art for life

  1. Healing work shops. She has used art as a way to heal personally and developed workshops.
  2. Murals
  3. Portraits and customer driven interior decorating wall art.
  4. Raising awareness.

Contact me at or at 864-764-4689