Interactive Art Workshops

Hearts Desire.   What in life do you want the most?  Life complications can leave us unfocused. Using imagery and intuition gain clarity on your true treasure. Then create a work of art to remind you where you are going.

Art Vent   Anger, resentment, frustration are all better released on paper! Get it out with crayons in an free flowing exercise. Add a layer of black over the top to symbolize changing the picture.  Remove part of the darkness to reveal a symbol of freedom.

I LOVE YOU! You are the best! but you might need a self esteem boost when the world brings you down. This work shop is so you can create a visual for what is right about you!

Proclamation power.  Place Divine words, a vow or sacred text on a poster. Get what is important on the walls of your life.

Valley Journey.  The valley of the shadow of death is best passed through. Use imagery to see the signs of healing. Create a piece of work to celebrate your loved one. Restore peace though your own art work.

Lighten Up  Life is funny! Use your sense of humor to express your sarcasm or tell the world a joke! Create a cartoon.

Positive Portfolio. Gratitude, love, curiosity, joy, hope, peace, and and awe are the subjects for collage. Renew your enthusiasm with again and again by visiting your art work!

Gratitude rocks.   When life is hard change your focus with thanksgiving.  Decorate  pocket rocks  that give your positive thoughts form.

Picture of Health.  Get well soon by “picturing” health. Give your energy a boost with a dose of creativity. This is art for the body!

Victim to Creator.  Use creative imagery to make the transition!

Dream Keeper.   We spend at least half of our lives asleep. Make the most out of what your dreams add to your life. Decorate a Dream journal, list the steps for dream interpretation and see where your dreams take you!

Art connection.  Design a symbolic bridge to reconnect to a peace filled relationship. Working together and having positive experiences with imagery can breach the separation.

Thousand Word picture.  Say what you want to say with art! Encrypt a message for someone. Make meaningful communication. Send it to someone or send it out into the universe. This is a way to say thanks or a way to closure.

Relaxation Flow.  listen to music that moves you to color, doodle or sketch whatever you desire. Let it all go with this playful expression.

Prayer box.  Decorate or build a box to contain your prayers. Keep answered prayers to count your blessings!

Completion art.   Dissociation steals part of our life.  Use imaginatin to recover from trauma. Free up energy used to forget, create artwork to trade ashes for beauty!

Art marketing support group.  Participate in an ongoing group for artists. Meet bimonthly at art4life studios to explore selling your work.